Every year I read at least a dozen books about software development, computer science, etc.

In 2019, I read a book I can easily classify as one of the best books written on software development topics.

The book is about developing distributed systems in the right way. The full name of the book is “Designing Data-Intensive Applications: The Big Ideas Behind Reliable, Scalable, and Maintainable Systems” by Dr. Martin Kleppmann (links are not affiliated links).

I liked the book because every topic is presented in-depth but also in a simple way of understanding. The author starts with the very basic principles but develops them to very practical ideas and examples.  If you are a student or junior developer, this book is a must for you.

This is not advertising :). In a series of posts “Good books to read”, I am going to share with you the books that I have liked the most during my professional career.

  Good books to read: Microservice Patterns: With examples in Java

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