While writing my series of posts about software architecture, I want to share with you a great book about the topic.

The book is Software Architecture in practice 3rd edition by Len Bass, Paul Clements, and Rick Kazman.

The book explains the entire process of software architecture design.

Some of the topics you will learn are:

  • What is a software architecture, and why it is important;
  • Contexts of software architecture;
  • What are quality attributes, and how to specify them;
  • How to model quality attributes;
  • Designing, implementing, and documenting software architecture;
  • Evaluation of software architecture;
  • Management and economic analysis;

The book has a very academic approach, so don’t expect concrete examples like “layered architecture” or “ports and adapters architecture”, etc. The book teaches principles and fundamentals that I consider far more important than specific examples that will not be valid in several years.

If you are just starting with learning about software architecture, “Software Architecture in practice” is an eye-opener.

Software Architecture in practice 3rd edition

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