Who am I?

I am Dimityr Dimitrov (a.k.a Mitko), and I have worked as a software developer for the last 12 years. I have experience mainly with the MS stack (from the old ASP 2.0 to the .NET Core), but I am also familiar with different stacks and platforms (Python and Django, for instance).

If I love something more than learning new technologies, that is learning how to develop quality software. That’s why you will find an entire category on this blog dedicated to good software design and architecture.

Nowadays, I live in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and work for one of the biggest software companies in Bulgarian. When I am out of the zone, I love watching football and training outdoors.

Why did I create that blog?

There are two reasons. First one – I believe that I can help a lot of people with my knowledge and experience. The second one – I also believe that it is a very good way I learn from you and keep growing as a developer. You can call it symbiosis :).

In this line of thought, feel free to contact me if you have constructive criticism and believe that something in my work can be improved (always can).

Thanks and enjoy reading!